Remember Saint Cecilia Parish in Your Estate Planning

Each November, as we pray for all our beloved dead, we remember in a special way the deceased benefactors of Saint Cecilia Parish. These are the people who for the past one hundred and twenty-five years, through gifts both large and small, have make it possible for us to carry out our mission of prayer and service in the heart of the city.

The generous bequests of parishioners and friends are critical to fulfilling the mission of Saint Cecilia Parish. Saint Cecilia provides outreach and pastoral support to many who live on the edge of poverty and loneliness; these bequests also support our renowned music program and the maintenance of our beautiful church and grounds. Remembering the Church in your estate planning says something about what was meaningful in your life; it’s a way to ensure that the community you value will continue into the future, and it’s a way to leave an incredible legacy to those who will come after you.

For more information or for guidance on how to remember Saint Cecilia Parish in your will, please contact                                 Colleen Melaugh or call the Parish Office at (617) 536-4548.